Calculate the Expected Benefits of using ScopeMaster

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Your organisation's total IT software development spend including developers, architects, testers and technical specialists. Include both insource and outsourced development.

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Savings Breakdown

Annual SpendYour annual investment in software development.
Functionality DevelopedSpend / average cost per Cosmic Function Point (CFP)


Finding defects earlyScopeMaster finds ambiguities, duplicates, inconsistencies and omissions; equivalent to 60% of all requirements. Lowest cost of finding a requirements defect is $25. With ScopeMaster, it takes 20% of the normal time and effort to find them, saving 80%
Fixing defects earlyThe cost of fixing a requirements defect is normally $150. With ScopeMaster this takes a few minutes instead of hours, saving 80% of the typical cost.
NegotiatingThe value of knowing size (and benchmark costs) before you agree an outsourced development gives you a strong position for negotiating a better price (circa 10% on average).
SizingGiven that you are going to measure the size of your software project. ScopeMaster reduces the cost to perform the sizing measurement from $10 to $2 per CFP
Risk reductionImproving quality early, and being more confident of the overall scope before coding starts, significantly reduces project risk. $100 per CFP.
Total BenefitsAnnual benefits of using ScopeMaster.